A wave of change is coming, an unknown force has caused a rip in the barriers of all the worlds of all video games. Alternate and parallel universes are colliding, causing shifts through time and across galaxies. Suddenly, all video game universes are crossing with others and some are even disappearing from existence. The change has affected most, but there are those few who are still unaware of the events taking place. What could be the cause of this change, and what is going to happen when characters from different games collide? Join up and find out for yourself! Welcome to Press Start, Plug in and PLAY.

How to Join                  

To Join just follow these instructions:

1. Read all of the rules in the Strategy Guide.

2. You have 153 stat points to allocate any way you choose between Strength, Speed, and Skill. Look at theFighting System to learn the significance of each stat.

3. Choose a Class from the Classes Page.

4. Create an Primary Special for your character. A Special can be performed during battle to either assist you or hurt your opponent. Don't try to be a GOD, and make sure it is in character. Final say on these attacks is left to the Devs. (If you are still unsure, then check out some of the other characters on the site and if needed, use their's as a starting point.)

5. Have Fun!
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