How does writing work?
It's actually very simple, and open ended for our players. Writing involves players telling a story through text that they post to the website. Players can write their story anywhere, using any program they choose, but to make it official they must publish their work to the Story Mode . Each player posts as their chosen character, includes a title for the story they are telling, and then pastes the written tale into the box provided.Some players even go the extra mile and include HTML codes to change the colors of their text and background, but it isn't required.

The story written is entirely up to the player. They choose what adventure they want to tell, and where they want to take their chosen character as it relates to others on the site. Often times players will include other players, either as allies or enemies, and ideally involves the ever growing story of the site itself. This plays out over the course of a month, leading to an epic fight on the last week with other players. That's where the Fight System comes in. The results of that fight is written out and posted to the site by the developers, giving a proper conclusion to the ultimate confrontation.

Once that happens, the cycle begins again. Always building towards the next adventure, and the next fight.